Emergency Equipment Services

In need of an emergency equipment service or repair? Howell Tractor and Equipment has you covered.

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Emergency Field Service, When and Where You Need It

Many people think of emergency service when they consider field services. When you use emergency field services, a Howell certified equipment technician will come to your job site to repair broken or damaged equipment. Equipment field service is often used when equipment is immobilized.

Whether your industry is construction, mining, scrap, or waste, you need an emergency service you can count on. Our guaranteed 24-hour mobile service accommodates the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana regions for around the clock service support. When your machine breaks down, Howell Tractor and Equipment is available 24/7 with same day turnaround. We can service electrical issues, hydraulic issues, unplanned mechanical breakdowns, and more.

24/7 Emergency Service Contacts:

Gary, IN: 847-767-0442
Peru, IL: 847-767-0442

Common reasons for emergency field service include:

  • Damaged engines or transmission
  • Damaged equipment that’s too large to transport to a shop

One of the biggest benefits of emergency field services is that you don’t need to transport the equipment. If an engine, transmission, or track system is too damaged to allow equipment to move under its own power, it’s a good time to use emergency field service.

Emergency field service is also used when you need to get equipment back to work immediately. If you have specialized equipment, or finding a replacement will be difficult, consider using emergency field services. Technicians will come to your job site 24/7 to repair this equipment.

Unplanned mechanical breakdown?

Maximize your uptime and keep your job site running smoothly with our 24/7, same day emergency service.

Same Day Emergency Service

With unpredictable weather conditions and unplanned machine breakdowns, Howell Tractor and Equipment is prepared to respond to your emergency. When your machine is down, we have the ability to service you no matter the condition or time of day.